22nd August 2012

100 Reasons for a London Cycle Map


London Cycle Map Campaign were one of the  winners of innovation funding in our 2011 ‘How can we improve transport in Britain?‘ GeoVation Challenge , and their idea is calling for a single,unified and easy to use cycling map of London –  the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.   

To encourage people to join the campaign Ben Irvine, editor of Cycle Lifestyle has put together a list of reasons for a London Cycle Map, which include things such as making cycling safer, more inclusive and using quieter back roads with cleaner air.  Find out more about in the guest post below: 

I’m excited to announce the completion of Cycle Lifestyle’s countdown of 100 reasons for a London Cycle Map.Image of London Cycle Map Campaign logo with link to site

The countdown has shown what a wonderful thing a Tube-style cycle map and network would be for London.

The benefits would range from helping non-cyclists give it a go, boosting the economy and complementing the cycle hire scheme, to making the capital greener, happier and healthier.

Please help us promote the London Cycle Map Campaign by spreading the word about the 100 reasons and our campaign film.

You could also proudly display the campaign logo on your website, join us on facebook or twitter, or otherwise tell your family, friends, colleagues, customers and MPs about the London Cycle Map Campaign and petition.

Ben Irvine, Cycle Lifestyle Editor