12th August 2014

An innovative approach to dog waste


Gary Downie, of Streetkleen Bio’s idea to develop a practical, innovative solution based around the anaerobic digestion of dog waste to create usable energy (methane), was awarded funding in the GeoVation Challenge to improve business environmental performance.

image of some one collecting dog wasteDog fouling is a major issue for many of our towns and cities and is consistently raised as a public concern.  Local Authorities have not been able to provide a long term, lasting solution to overcome this issue. In addition, the collection and disposal of dog waste is problematic with decisions needed on where and how many dog waste disposal points to allocate and how often are they used and need servicing?   In the UK, there are over 1200 tonnes of dog waste generated daily (Pet Foods Manufacturing Association 2012) and the financial cost of sending Local Authority collected dog waste to landfill is estimated at £72 million per year (Keep Britain Tidy). The environmental cost is also substantial and mountains of small plastic bags containing dog waste are sent to landfill daily, often in bags that take decades to degrade. Finding an alternative disposal method for dog waste is a challenge.

The Streetkleen Bio Project will gather information on dog fouling and waste disposal bins using Ordnance Survey data to map these.  The project will use anaerobic digestion to dispose of dog waste and create energy from methane. The Streetkleen Bio App can help reduce costs and improve environmental performance while providing an incentive for alternative disposal method for dog waste.

Since winning the GeoVation Challenge Streetkleen Bio have been nominated as one of the Top 100 Most ” Smartest, Disruptive and Innovative” UK Small Businesses by Smarta and O2. They have also moved into new offices at Glyndwr Universities OpTIC Innovation Centre and joined the Welsh Government High Potential Starts Scheme. They’ve been invited to design a renewable energy system for the developing world that utilises human bio solids.

With hindsight – entering, and obviously winning the GeoVation Challenge has given us the credibility, belief and confidence to follow our own innovative ideas to fruition. We have had our eyes opened to the value of geographical data and ways in which it can be used. Gary Downie, Streetkleen Bio

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