29th January 2014

Business Environmental Performance Challenge Camp 2013


Now that our current Challenge has closed, we thought you would like to find out a little bit more about our camps and what goes on at them.

In early 2013, the GeoVation Challenge: ‘How can we help British Business improve environmental performance?’ invited innovators to find ways which would encouraging British business to be more environmentally aware and ‘think greener’ – using Ordnance Survey products and services in their solution.

A total of 47 ideas were submitted and whittled down to 10 finalists, who were invited to the Business environmental performance challenge Camp 2013 weekend to enjoy a weekend packed with no-nonsense innovation and the opportunity to develop their ideas.

During the weekend innovators focused on the formula: Innovation = Problem x Solution x Execution, to help them to expand their concepts and be judged ‘match fit to pitch’ to the judging panel at the end of the weekend.

Over the GeoVation Camp weekend, the finalists formed into teams, who were given the opportunity to establish a prototype venture and develop their pitches. The GeoVation team offered them support from service, interaction and graphics  designers, geography students, and developers and we supplied information about Ordnance Survey products and services. In addition, colleagues from the  Environment Agency, who were supporting this Challenge, contributed their expertise. The sheer level of energy, the standards of the concepts developed, from the 10 invited teams and the enthusiastic support from all the helpers, was truly inspiring.

Simon Redding of Environment Agency said:
‘Participants here [at the weekend camp] have shown simple ways of improving their business assisted by digital tools, clever business processes and working together.’

At the end of an exciting weekend, the teams were visited by the judging panel to find out how their ideas were progressing as prototype ventures. Each team also presented a short two-minute ‘pecha kucha’ type pitch to the judges and invited audience.

Participants were impressed by the support offered, which included help with design, technology and geography and were inspired by how their ideas had progressed over the weekend. At the end of the weekend four winners were selected to receive innovation funding to assist in developing their ideas further.