17th June 2019

Clean EnergyTech Events


Building on and complementing Geovation’s GeoTech and PropTech accelerator programmes, we are working collaboratively with public and private sector organisations to develop and fund a Clean EnergyTech Accelerator. 

To explore this further, we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of events on Clean EnergyTech innovation alongside Ordnance Survey’s technical team. These will focus on the challenges and opportunities of innovating in the clean energy sector.


Creating systemic and sustainable solutions to intractable problems such as GB transitioning to clean energy requires cross-sector collaboration in the public, private, academic and third sectors.  

It also requires the creation, sharing and use of geospatial data combined with other data, often in near real-time, to support cross-sector decision making that improves efficiencies, reduces costs and benefits consumers. Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) enable data to be readily accessed and combined with other required data sources to support those decisions.  

By attending one of our technical workshops and meetup events, you’ll be able to learn, connect and collaborate with others from private, public, academic and third sectors.   

Technical workshops

We’ll be hosting 6 2-hour workshops in a variety of different locations across GB. These will focus on how OS API’s (including the OS Maps and OS Places API) and OS data, along with other data sources, can be used to provide analysis and insight into the Clean Energy opportunity. 


Following the workshops in Bristol, Birmingham, London and Edinburgh, we’re also hosting 2-hour meetup sessions to promote the development of Geovation’s Clean EnergyTech Accelerator. These will include presentations from public, private, academic and third sector organisations as well as discussions and networking around the Clean EnergyTech Accelerator themes.   

So, if you’re driving, enabling or impacted by change in your sector towards a systemic Clean Energy approach or if you’re a start-up or scaleup that wants to address this opportunity… our meetups are for you! 

Food and drinks provided. 

Register for your nearest event

Bristol 10 July https://geovationbristolceta.eventbrite.co.uk   

Birmingham 11 July https://geovationbirminghamceta.eventbrite.co.uk    

Southampton 16 July https://geovationsouthamptonceta.eventbrite.co.uk    

London 18 July https://geovationlondonceta.eventbrite.co.uk    

Manchester 25 July https://geovationmanchesterceta.eventbrite.co.uk    

Edinburgh 31 July https://geovationedinburghceta.eventbrite.co.uk     


Are you part of a startup in either PropTech or GeoTech looking for support? Find out more our Geovation Accelerator Programme here.