3rd September 2014

Connected Cities contest


Connected Cities

After the success of the Digital Innovation Contest – Data, Ordnance Survey is pleased to continue its partnership with IC Tomorrow with the Connected Cities Innovation contest.

Digital start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can secure up to £35k funding each in a new IC tomorrow contest that aims to find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of urbanisation.


The Connected Cities Innovation Contest offers six innovators a slice of a £210k fund and the chance to trial their ideas in partnership with leading industry players including Ordnance Survey, EDF Energy, Intel, Siemens, Kimberly Clark, and Amey. The successful applicants will also keep 100% of their IP.

The six challenges and their respective partners, include:

Connected Buildings:

Digital in-home display, supported by EDF Energy

Community data sharing, supported by Intel

Connected Communities:

Empowering communities to manage their energy, supported by Siemens

Connected Environment:

Urban sanitation, supported by Kimberley Clark

Connected Services:

Helping urban service providers respond to citizens’ needs, supported by Amey

Using data to encourage independent living, supported by Ordnance Survey and Hampshire Hub

With a growing aging population and a continual increase of demands on health and social services an unsustainable demand on society within the next 40 years is predicted. Ordnance Survey are looking for  solutions that uses locational data to provide an improved and sustainable health service and a better quality of life for older people within their own homes.

Rollo Home, Senior Project Manager, Ordnance Survey said 
”Ordnance Survey is delighted to be part of this challenge. While we host our own GeoVation challenges we continually look for new ways to engage with a wider set of potential partners to take our data in new directions. We’re looking forward to seeing how all the bidding teams will respond to the challenge we set, and I look forward very much to working with the winning team“.


Want to find out more?

Download the Contest Brief to see a full list of industry partners, challenges and the Guidance for Applicants here for all the information on how to apply.

You can also register to a briefing event for the contest taking at Level 39, One Canada Square, London on Wednesday 10 September. – here

The deadline for applications is 12pm on Tuesday 14 October 2014.

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