28th May 2015

Cycling innovators and the chance to win a fat bike


Bike Week — the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK — is coming up on 13-21 June.

Bike Week

The first Bike Week took place in the UK in 1923 — some 40 years after the potentially lethal penny-farthing had been replaced by the safety bicycle — and was started by the Cyclists’ Touring Club. It has since been replicated in Ireland, Canada and the US. In the UK, it takes place annually on the third week of June. It encourages ‘everyday cycling for everyone’ and aims to promote the benefits of cycling to the environment, society, and individuals’ health. The 2015 event has a particular focus on cycling to work.

In 2014, almost half a million cyclists took part in over 1000 events nationwide. This year’s event is in June, but there are hundreds of events taking place throughout the rest of the year. You can find out what events are happening in your area at www.bikeweek.org.uk, along with your nearest bike shops!

In the Geovation team we take a keen interest in events and innovations that promote active lifestyles. Following our 2013 Active Lifestyles Challenge, four GeoVation winners are developing ventures to enable people to be more active, whether through walking, running, or other sports and activities.

In our 2010 Transport Challenge we encouraged ideas which considered more sustainable forms of transport (including cycling). Two of the winning ideas from the latter challenge, Cyclescape and the London Cycle Map Campaign, focused on improving cycling.

Greater London Cycle Map

Greater London Cycle Map

The London Cycle Map seeks to provide cyclists and would-be cyclists in Greater London with a map similar to that produced for the London Underground. The London Cycle Map would help to make cycling safer and more inclusive and encourage cyclists to use quieter, cleaner routes.

Cyclescape is a web-based toolkit to assist cycling campaign groups, enabling users to highlight areas where cycling is difficult, prioritise issues to focus on, make available geographical data, and invite collaboration between communities. Issues are mapped so that local groups can easily see where they are.



Enter the OS competition to win a Surly fat bike

Name the Lake District town in the living logo for the chance to win a Surly Moonlander Fat Bike worth £2,000. Fat bikes are named for their large tires which add grip and make them ideal for off-road biking. The deadline is Friday 29 May.

Name the Lake District town in the living logo