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We’ve put together a list of data sources for you, packed full of useful tools and information. They can help you develop your ideas whether you’re interested in the Hub, the Programme or the Challenge.

If you know of other sources, email us to let us know.

Consumer Data Research Centre

Consumer data which is generated by retailers and other service organisations as part of their business process.

Government open data; over 1400 publishers and 40,000 datasets. A platform for navigating multiple government-related data sources. Searchable by location. DEFRA released almost 10,000 datasets in the year until June 2016. Underground asset related datasets include: effects of leakage on ground stability; ferrous assets; oil, gas, water and sewerage; local and regional data on asset lines, flood defences and asset-related planning development constraints.

Department for Transport

Statistics about the transport system in Britain. Includes information about freight, the National Travel Survey and attitudes towards travel.

The Guardian Data store

Data and statistics covering topical worldly subjects.

Land Registry Linked Open Data

Land Registry’s public datasets.

London Datastore

A portal of datasets from all of the boroughs in the Greater London Authority.

London Mapper

A social atlas of London with detailed insights into poverty and inequality.

Ministry of Justice

Statistics about the criminal and civil justice systems.

No. 10

Transparency data about how money is spent in the UK and across the world.


A comprehensive portal provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It gives the most accurate and up-to-date statistics on the UK labour market.

Office for National Statistics

The UK’s recognised and largest independent producer of official statistics. The Open Geography portal lets you search, view and download reference data so that you can collect accurate and consistent statistics. Browse by theme or view ONS’ publications, datasets and tables.

Open Data Institute

Certified global open data.

OpenData Manchester

Manchester City Council has information about parking, planning, licensed premises and more with the aim of becoming a leading digital city.


A free map of the whole world that you can edit.

Public Profiler

Spatial information tools for profiling the public, public sector and commerce.

Retail Research Data

Location demographics to give you insight into the consumer world.

Transport for London

Includes useful information such as live tube data, timetables and road disruption feeds.

Warwickshire County Council datasets

Lots of data including bridge height, archaeological sites, household waste and country parks.

The World Bank Open Data

More than 8,000 indicators from The World Bank API including projects, debt statistics and population ranking.

Other Sources

Data about water

British Geological Survey

Extensive data and information on groundwater and environmental issues.

British Geological Survey – OpenGeoscience

BGS has a lot of data in its archives.

Environment Agency DataShare

Direct access to Environment Agency datasets. Including free digital geographic information system (GIS) data for you to download and use, subject to the terms and conditions of the Open Government Licence (OGL).

Environment Agency flood data

Flood data with a live flood warning API.

Met Office

Weather data including a DataPoint API.

National River Flow Archive

An archive of data showing daily, monthly and peak river flows and floods across the UK. The data is taken from over 1,400 gauging stations.

Water Footprint Network

Five datasets including international virtual water flow, scarcity levels and pollution levels.

Data about underground assets

The Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure Map

Comprehensive set of mapped datasets for the Greater Manchester region, ranging from open public sector and environmental assets to energy utility networks, at various local to regional scales.

British Geological Survey

Data associated with the natural subsurface, such as geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and chemical properties.


Environment Agency’s open Light Detection & Ranging data for England highly recommended as the best source for elevation data needs of a landscape.

National Grid

Published data repository by National Grid on the electricity transmission system, including demands, interruptions and forecast flows.

Need more information?

These links aren’t data sources but you might find the information useful.

Active Places Power

An interactive mapping and reporting tool for developing sport in the community – provided by Sport England. You’ll need to register to access this data. Read more in the FAQs.

BHFNC – Physical activity + health

The British Heart Foundation National Centre (BHFNC)’s aim is to raise the profile of physical activity through leadership and advocacy. It’s also to call for more investment to promote exercise and health, and to improve the infrastructure and services that support active lifestyles.

Centre for Economic Performance

The latest publications and research on topical subjects.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

PDF publications on topics like human rights and freedom of expression.

Health and Social Care Information Centre

Official national statistics, surveys, audits and reports to help health and social care organisations provide better services and improve standards. Includes data on hospital care, illnesses, patient experiences and public health.

Health and Social Care Information Centre – HES data dictionary

Detailed information on admitted patients, outpatients, A&E and adult critical care. The data sets are collected by Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and the Patient Reported Outcome Measures in England (PROMs).

Health Survey for England, 2011, health, social care and lifestyles

A survey about public health and the factors that affect it. Carried out on behalf of the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies

Publications and research.

Mapping for local food groups

A Geovation workshop report.

NatCen Social Research

Research on what people really think about important social issues and how Britain is run.

Public Health England – data and analysis tools

A single point of access to data and analysis tools from across PHE. Use the resources to understand our population’s health and how it differs across the country.

Public Health England – Local health

Interactive maps and reports at small area level, local authority level and Ward and Clinical Commissioning Group level. Information includes population, ethnicity, general health and pensioners.


Mostly PDF data from the UK’s communications regulator.

Start active, stay active

A report from the four Chief Medical Officers in the UK. It gives guidelines about how physical activity leads to good health and looks at types of exercise, volume, duration and frequency.

The Work Foundation

Part of Lancaster University. Find interesting data reports on employment and unemployment.

World Health Organisation

A report about “Global recommendations on physical activity for health”.

The latest published Parliamentary papers including recent committee reports and transcripts of debates in Hansard.

The Young Foundation

Publications about creating an equal and more just society; about empowering people to lead happier and more meaningful lives.