29th January 2016

Member news! FATMAP’s new 3D Ski Maps


After a successful launch last season in select European resorts, outdoor mapping company, FATMAP, have dramatically increased the number of ski maps they offer visitors to major resorts in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The full list can be found here.​ Every map will now be available to download for free with the option to upgrade to premium for extra features.

“We’re re­imagining ski maps” says co­founder Misha Gopaul, “and our mission this season is to get these new maps to as many skiers as possible”. Until now, skiers who stick to the piste have only been able to turn to the piste map for in­resort navigation and more advanced skiers are still using old methods such as contour maps and guide books.

With the combination of 3D mobile technology and a growing community of experts and ambassadors, FATMAP are creating the most powerful ski maps available, capable of calculating terrain information instantly and providing fresh and up­to­date ‘guidebook’ style information straight to your phone. “With FATMAP” says Gopaul “you can know the area like a local on day one.”

The maps show skiers a model of the real­world, a one­to­one map. This allows for a complete view over the entire landscape of a resort both from a distance and in “skier view” where you can explore the resort and its lift­accessed off­piste in virtual reality.

With this level of detail and information, FATMAP provides skiers with the tools to make better decisions and explore the mountains with confidence. This is all achieved by using the very latest ultra high­resolution stereoscopic satellite imagery that is used to produce 3D models of the terrain. These models are supplemented with a vast amount of expert content to turn them into context­sensitive ‘live’ maps.

The information in the maps is gathered and curated by FATMAP using a community of in­resort experts and local mountain professionals. The company is recruiting more content contributors and ambassadors in each resort to ensure each map is the most up to date resource available. Many of the resorts are also partnering with the startup to help give their visitors a better and safer experience. Details of the company’s community can be found at here.

“Our maps are not built in isolation, we involve the entire ski community ­ from brands to resorts to locals to everyday skiers ­ to ensure we can produce the best maps possible.” says Marketing Director, Adam Robinson.