16th May 2012

Foodnation launch VegBox Raydar service


In this guest post our 2011 GeoVation Challenge winner, Louise Campbell explains about the latest addition to the Foodnation product range.


The VegBox Raydar service is the latest addition to our range of products for Foodnation website customers, and provides results of their nearest veg box suppliers, and allows customers to compare information before they buy, wherever they are. Available from the Foodnation homepage.

The VegBox Raydar service allows customers to compare multiple suppliers so they can choose ones nearest to them, information is available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Since launching the new VegBox Raydar service, Foodnation have inundated with requests for information. The Foodnation mobile application provides VegBox Raydar users with the suppliers data, the results are then emailed to the customers.

Louise Campbell, Website Designer at Foodnation said: “It has been hugely enjoyable to see where customers are searching from, we have collected postcode input data and noticed that at least 20% of the request come from locations in the UK where the nearest vegbox supplier is over 20 miles away, especially in places like the county of Gwynedd on North West Wales coast, we hope to publish these results very soon and hope the data will encourage local producers and entrepreneurs in these areas to start their own delivery services using local producers produce. In addition it has also given us a chance to speak to community supported agriculture groups, most of whom cannot meet demand for places. There is a real demand for fresh homegrown produce, which is not being met in black-spots across the UK”

Rowan Wookey, App Deveoper, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the new VegBox Raydar service. It is free to use and gives customers easy access to vegbox supplier results.”

Key features of the new VegBox Raydar service include:

  • Free to use
  • Results based on your location
  • At a glance vegbox supplier results sent straight to your inbox
  • Top three suppliers near you, including contact details and website where applicable
  • 1,000 vegbox supplier locations to choose from
Try Our Vegbox Raydar or insert our brand new badges on your website or blog.
Louise Campbell, Foodnation