19th July 2013

Funding announced for green innovation ventures


If you’ve been following the GeoVation blog you’ll be aware that we recently announced the four successful finalists from our GeoVation Challenge to improve the environmentHow can we help British Business improve environmental performance? Geovation Image

Following on from this the Judging Panel met on Wednesday to  confirm the amount of innovation funding the green innovation ventures will receive.   The £101,000 awarded by Ordnance Survey will be split as follows:

Carbon Prophet  will be awarded £29,000. They will use the funding to create a soil carbon map of the UK  using Ordnance Survey data, and a trading portal for carbon offsetting schemes.   Soil testing and the use of Ordnance Survey data will enable farmers to see the carbon levels in their soil and encourage them  to release the value of this, mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases by increasing the levels of carbon in their soils. Carbon Prophet also won the Community Award of £1,000.

GeoCraft  will be awarded £28,000 to develop their idea which will enable schools and local businesses to work together to encourage learning about sustainability through Minecraft. Using Ordnance Survey data, it will stimulate children to think about environmental challenges and ideas to solve these, which can be fed back to the local business to implement.

Element Green Recycling,  will receive £22,000 in funding for The Green Alchemy.   This idea will to help businesses reduce costs by separating waste. Thirty per cent of recycled co-mingled waste is sent to landfills due to contamination. Using mapping to show the location of businesses, local waste carrier services and reprocessing companies, this idea will help businesses to improve their recycling and separation of waste materials.

Streetkleen Bio Project will receive £21,000 to help develop their idea to provide a practical, innovative solution based around the anaerobic digestion of dog waste to create usable energy (methane). Dog fouling is a major issue for many of our towns and cities. Using the Streetkleen app, incidents of dog fouling can be photographed and reported. It can then be collected and taken to an anaerobic digester, where it will create methane to provide energy.

To learn more about the winning ventures and to hear from the successful team members, watch the video: