6th November 2013

GeoVation Challenge launching at Innovation Festival.


We’re really excited to be attending this years’ Malvern Festival of Innovation, even more so because we’ll be announcing the launch of our new GeoVation Challenge there!

The Festival is a smorgasbord of science, technology, social enterprise and entrepreneurship; innovation by name and innovative by nature.

Today we need to innovate more than ever: the way we do business, the way we use resources; the way we live. We need new ideas to stay competitive, new technologies to improve lives, and new insights to lead the way. Join us to discover what’s coming next, to learn how others are innovating, and to showcase your own research and development.

Malvern Festival of Innovation

Don’t just think out of the box, jump out of it and join in at the Festival of Innovation in Great Malvern. Possibly the UK’s premier forum for highlighting and discussing new ideas, and unlike many trade and popularist events, the exhibition and symposia are free to attend and open to business professionals, students, and members of the public alike.‘

The exhibition is open, from Thursday 7 November, to the general public and professionals alike. The themed symposia are free to attend too, although you will need to register in advance. Take advantage of the event and network with the speakers, exhibitors, and other visitors. Ask questions, debate pros and cons, discuss different technologies, and start ‘joining the dots’.

We’ll be on stand D8 in the Forum Theatre; so come and talk to us about our exciting new GeoVation Challenge, find out about our previous challenges and see some of our winning challenges and what they have achieved.

Make sure you take some time out from the exhibition and listen to entrepreneurs and technology experts explaining what’s on the horizon. Learn how businesses are approaching the future and uncover new opportunities…

Be inspired

We hope to see you there.