26th January 2011

GeoVation Challenge – problem framing workshop


transportpowwowOn 19 January we ran a problem framing workshop (powwow) at the London Transport Museum for those engaged in user-based transport innovations, in order to unpack the unmet needs associated with Britain improving its transport. Participants attended from IBM, ARUP, Technology Strategy Board, Ideas in Transit, ItoWorld, BITC’s National Business Travel Network, previous GeoVation winner, Mission Explore, Innovation Scout and Ordnance Survey. Telephone interviews were also held with Kent County Council and AccessAdvisr.

We asked the question “What are the barriers to developing transport solutions that have a positive environmental, social and economic impact?”

We sorted the insights into 5 key themes:

Below you will find the summary of the output from the workshop. Whether you’ve yet to enter the GeoVation Challenge or already entered, you can use this output to help  show that your ideas are built on a foundation of a problem worth solving.  Can you add to the list of insights we’ve found using the same format: What’s the problem and why does it matter?  Do you have any statistics to validate your ideas?