19th July 2010

GeoVation reaches the far north!


Tina Irving of Dunnet Head Educational Trust recently got in touch to tell us about the Caithness Challenges they are holding this coming weekend as part of the London2012 Open Weekend. At the same time they are also highlighting the GeoVation Challenge on their website. Dunnet Head is the most northerly point of the UK mainland and a rich source of biodiversity with its wealth of birdlife and wildlife.   If anyone is in Scotland this coming weekend the following invite sounds fun:


Join us at the most northerly county on the UK mainland for the Caithness Challenges as part of the London2012 Open Weekend!  You can have a go on the pipe and drums, zip slide across Wick River, or orienteer across some of the wildest countryside in Scotland at the most northerly point of the UK mainland, Dunnet Head.  The challenges are on from 23-25 July and the Wick Gala Week starts on 24th July, so come to the far north and have a great weekend.

Tina Irving

Dunnet Head Educational Trust