1st July 2013

GeoVation winner mapping to improve local green space


Earlier this year, Groundwork London, GeoVation winner in our challenge to transform neighbourhoods launched Green Space Mapper, a tool for local residents to have a say in the future of open spaces in their area.

The Green Space Mapper is an online consultation and surveying tool which allows users to build versatile questionnaire which users can associated with locations which have been mapped onto an interactive web map. Developed for use with desktop, tablet and mobile platforms in mind Green Space mapper is a flexible solution for use on site or as part of a desktop survey.

How it works:

The user either taps on link or app icon and they are shown a map showing the extent of the survey area. Using the devices inbuilt GPS/phone triangulation device the Green Space Mapper locates them and zooms to their location. Alternatively if they wish to survey another site or don’t have a location enabled device they can pan and zoom using their touch device to their location. Once a site is selected the survey will start. The user will be asked questions, using a wide variety of response types as well as the option to upload an image. At the end of the survey the user can be sent to a submission page and their survey is safely stored in the Green Space Mapper database.Image showing Green Space Mapper user flow

Green Space Mapper is being used by housing providers  to get the views of local residents in developing their Open spaces.  The surveys allow them to see what the current use is and how they could be used in the future.

Depending on the scale of the project undertaken, Green Space Mapper uses OS MasterMap to create the polygons. They have also experimented with using OS StreetView.

The Green Space Mapper was used successfully over the winter to record views from local residents and users for 113 sites across the Wandle Valley Regional Park.  This was recorded on iPads borrowed from Groundwork and also people’s own devices.

To date, there have been:

Other developments have been:

Image showing Green Space Mapper example

For more information about Green Space Mapper  contact Paul Hodgson at Groundwork London –  phodgson@groundwork.org.uk