22nd July 2015

Get Outdoors Weekend 2015


A guest blog from Jeannie Cranfield of Medal Routes, one of the winners of our Active Lifestyles Challenge.

I’m lucky to live at the foot of the Ochil hills and have spent many happy hours exploring the many paths and enjoying the peaceful surroundings and expansive views.

I’m not a particularly fit or fast walker, I think it’s fair to say I’m a plodder. But who cares, there’s never any hurry and some days in summer, it’s just great to plonk down on the grassy slope, hot and out of puff, feeling the wind caress your cheeks as you lie back and watch the clouds dance across the sky.

Get Outdoors Scotland, 1-3 August 2015

It matters not to me if I do a long walk or a short walk in the hills, I always feel rejuvenated and uplifted by my excursions – at a deep place it feeds my soul. It’s the stillness of the land, the astounding beauty of the tiniest detail in a wild and open landscape, the gurgle of a burn, the song of a skylark or the call of a buzzard and the fresh air in my lungs. I can’t think of a better tonic, especially as my working week is spent behind a desk in front of a computer screen!

Sitting quietly on a hillside is one of my favourite things to do. The world stands still and you with it; there is only the rustle of the wind through the grass and a timelessness that is rich and full.

When I find a great place to stop, there’s nothing better than enjoying a favourite treat! Food always tastes so good when you’re outside so I never venture far without my favourite snacks — and a bar of chocolate tucked away in my pack!

It’s a great way to spend a day and I return home happy, uplifted and relaxed.

So if you’re looking for things to do of a weekend, why not plan a walk and explore somewhere new? Ramblers Scotland’s Get Outdoors Weekend 1-3 August provides the perfect opportunity to get on your walking boots. Loads of walks and walking routes are lined up for you to try on your own or with family and friends. There are over 450 mapped short walks (Medal Routes) that are easy to find, and there are over 45 group-led walks so you can explore somewhere new without getting lost.

Or if you’d like to plan your own trips, Scotland has 26 long distance routes showcasing some of the best scenery which also make a great basis for a day trip. There’s Munros, Donalds and Corbetts to climb and a myriad of wonderful low level walks too. And Scotland has plenty of woodlands to explore and great walks in National and Regional Parks to discover, and hundreds of miles of spectacular coastal trails.

Ramblers Scotland also has over 100 prizes on offer for those that share their photos, including 2 nights in Gleneagles Hotel and some great Paramo jackets! See the website for details.

So there are plenty of good ideas and incentives to help you enjoy Scotland outdoors. Although the weather may not always be great, the scenery and landscape is sure to be!