30th July 2010

Get your idea started with funding from GeoVation!


On Wednesday the GeoVation team went to London to celebrate the launch of the Mission:Explore iPhone app.  The event, held on the Golden Hinde , had a distinctly piratey theme!  Mission: Explore were one of last year’s  GeoVation Award winners and it is great to see how GeoVation funding has made this possible. You can read more about it and see some photos on the Ordnance Survey blog

londonjuly2010 059

While in London I visited the Ministry of Food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, which runs until 3 January 2011, and it made me think how much this ties in with our current GeoVation Challenge.  During the Second World War, people were asked to grow their own food to help with food shortages and now, with a global food crisis and climate change, we’re once again looking at ways for Britain to feed itself?

If you’ve got a geography based idea around ‘How can Britain feed itself? and could use a slice of £25,000 funding to get the idea going – don’t  forget to enter our latest challenge.