24th March 2014

Turning good ideas into great innovations


During GeoVation camps, finalists develop their ideas into prototype ventures. To support the teams in this, the camp process is facilitated by service designers who employ design thinking, techniques and processes. In addition to this we are fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of the MDes Service Design Innovation students from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts.  Boris Divjak, one of the design students from the course helped at our recent Active Lifestyles GeoVation Camp and writes about his experience in today’s guest blog below:


One of the first things one might notice when visiting the Ordnance Survey headquarters in Southampton is the remarkable size of its logo placed in front of the entrance. The building you are about to enter makes you feel confident that you are there to do some serious business. For the 10 teams competing at the GeoVation Challenge this was perhaps a sign of hope that they might gain an important business partner. For us, students of a service design masters course participating as helpers, it was an opportunity to observe how new, innovative service solutions were being born in the real world.Photo of Service design students at GeoVation Camp

Some of the activities at the camp may have seemed slightly out of place in a building like this, but Lego cubes, paper airplanes and dancing on the stage of a conference hall were all essential to the innovation process! The facilitators from Nonon were more than helpful in encouraging an extremely relaxed, yet bustling working environment enabling sketches to turn into business models and good ideas into great innovations. Perhaps the biggest lesson from this great weekend is that, even for grown-ups, innovation can be – or rather has to be – engaging, inspiring and fun!

Photo of Helpers at GeoVation Camp

Thanks to everyone at GeoVation for this amazing experience! A few words of appreciation from my classmates:

“It was valuable for me to communicate with developers and professionals as a designer and it was my pleasure to be able to help them.”  Jinyoung Kim

“Thanks for your kindly help, I enjoyed the weekend with you guys. I found plenty of useful information related to my study and appreciated the very nice food.”   Xue Yin

“I’m so happy to work with people from different backgrounds!” Shiyu An

 “Excellent venue and great hospitality. A good learning experience of how a new business is formed and what we would possibly deal with on the completion of this course.” Ayumi Fukuda

Boris Divjak

Find out more about service design in this short 3 minute video

More information about the GeoVation Camp see our blog: Challenging our finalists to build exciting ideas to get active

More information about the GeoVation Camp see our blog: Challenging our finalists to build exciting ideas to get active – See more at: https://www.geovation.org.uk/helping-at-geovation-camp-is-quiet-addictive/#more-9821