3rd June 2015

Green innovation ventures for sustainability


This Friday is World Environment Day.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established in 1973 and takes place annually on 5 June. The event is organised by the United Nations Environment Programme, each year around a different theme. The theme this year is sustainable consumption and production.

As a part of its community focus, GeoVation takes an interest in events and projects that support the environment. Our 2013 Environment Challenge, ‘How can we help British business improve environmental performance?’, was very successful and led to funding for four ideas, all of which encourage sustainable living practices.

Element Green Recycling is an eco-business that provides recycling solutions for households and businesses. Green Alchemist, its recycling app, provides businesses with up to date material prices so that they may find out how much their sorted recycling is worth on the waste stock market.

Carbon Prophet measures and map the carbon content of soils and enables farmers and landowners to sell captured carbon to companies that want to off-set their own emissions.

Geocraft is a non-profit organisation helping young people to learn more about their local environment and places of interest through use of the game Minecraft.

Streetkleen gathers information on dog fouling and waste disposal bins, using OS data to map their locations. The project uses anaerobic digestion to dispose of dog waste and create energy from methane. The app helps to reduce costs and improve environmental performance.