1st March 2012

How can we transform our neighbourhoods? We want your ideas


So far we are getting some interesting ideas on the ‘How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together?’ GeoVation Challenge.

One idea is for a Community Hyperlocal Site Platform –  a ‘one stop shop’ platform to find out what is going on in your neighbourhood .As well as providing community information, it will deliver information provided by Councils, Central Government and other bodies through the use of Ordnance Survey data. Many local communities find the cost and lack of resource a barrier to hosting their own websites, this idea will allow them easily set up a site and use it to inform local people and bring them together.

This idea would use Ordnance Survey’s Code-Point Open and 1:150 000 Gazetteer to facilitate searching and present results as a map or list. It would make use of Linked Data to enhance the information offered and keep maintenance to a minimum.

Another idea, Recycling Reminders is for an App using GPS to remind you what bins are being recycled that week, as well as mapping recycling banks .and allowing the Council to update special info to the user, for example over Bank Holidays. As local Councils become more particular in their recycling policies, this app empowers the home user to continue recycling material.

The App would use Ordnance Survey maps to highlight bin collection routes and the nearest recycling banks and landfill sites.

Other ideas include a beach cleaning project, concentrating on Helensburgh, but which could be rolled out nationally, and lots of ideas around engaging and building communities.

Visit the GeoVation Challenge to rate the ideas and leave your comments and suggestions to help build the existing ideas or post your own.

Take a look that list of  problem’s we identified

Problems such as:

If you can think of ideas that could solve any of these problems and include use of Ordnance Survey products and services then enter the GeoVation Challenge – where you could win a slice of £115 000 to get your idea off the ground.