22nd November 2010

How can you improve getting from A to B?


Nightmare journeys, we’ve all had them. Whether it’s being stuck in holiday traffic with the kids in tow, missing the train on the way to work or simply finding you have a puncture in your bicycle tyre before you even set out, getting from A to B is not always as simple as it should be.

But what if you could help yourself and the nation get to their destination with as little strain as possible?  Whether it’s a smart phone app that tells you which roads to avoid, or a car share club that uses geography to bring together potential lift-share partners based on their location, the GeoVation challenge is calling for  innovative solutions to ‘How can we improve transport in Britain?’ using geographical information.

Watch the video and if you have an idea, enter the GeoVation Challenge for a chance to win a slice of £150,000 in funding to get you started.