14th June 2013

Innovation Challenge winner joins our judging panel


With the GeoVation Environment Challenge camp starting one week today, we are delighted to announce that Jason Davies, winner of last year’s Transforming Neighbourhood Challenge, has agreed to join the judging panel for GeoVation Camp which runs from 21 – 23 June.

Jason and colleagues won £41 000 (including the GeoVation Community prize) for their innovation venture Community Payback Visibility. This looks to use Ordnance Survey map data in a mobile phone app for the public to use, to nominate projects for Community Payback.

Jason graduated in modern languages (French and Russian) following which he spent several years travelling and teaching English as a foreign language. On returning to London, he worked as a BBC subtitler at TV Centre, before moving back to his home town of Birmingham to set up the live subtitling unit at Pebble Mill.

Jason had an opportunity to use his love of statistics as a data and GIS analyst with the Probation Service and National Offender Management Service, a role which has expanded to include leading commercial and digital projects in the world of criminal justice.

Since Jason has agreed to join us for the whole of the camp, from the Friday evening kick-off through to judging on Sunday, participants will have an opportunity to quiz him on what it is like to go through the whole of the GeoVation camp experience and what to focus on.

Jason joins the rest of our judging panel of Alison Prendiville (London College of Communication), Ant Parsons (Environment Agency), John Carpenter (Ordnance Survey), Quentin Johns (Hub Westminster) and our panel chair Roland Harwood (100%Open).

Добро пожаловать в жюри Джейсон! (Welcome to the judging panel, Jason!)

We can hardly wait until next Friday’s kick-off!