11th December 2015

Can innovation help us to manage too much water?


Too much water In this latest Geovation Challenge, we have turned our attention to water, and the problems of ‘How can we better manage water in Britain, sustainably?’

The Geovation Water Challenge is focussing on 5 key themes: too little water; too much water; poor water quality; aging water infrastructure, and; water use behaviour.  You can find out more detail of the problems we identified during the Problem Deep Dive we held  here

To help you to identify with these problems we uncovered , we created a persona for each of the themes. With the recent flooding taking place in parts of Cumbria, Carlisle and North West England, our attention is drawn again to the problem of managing too much water and so today we fill focus on this theme

Too much water persona takes the perspective of a Project Manager working closely with local flood authorities and knowing that flood risk is a great challenge facing communities, particularly in urban areas where  “We need to find ‘greener’ drainage solutions”

Maps showing where natural soft/green engineering methods could be used to manage flood risk and water usage, aren’t always readily available. Working with natural processes can be a more sustainable approach in some situations and prove to be better value over the long term, but working with natural processes can also be complicated to understand and plan.  We are identifying more and more urban areas that are at risk of flooding due to impermeable infrastructure which causes surface water runoff.

Find out more about surface water maps, green engineering solutions, opportunity mapping, and the pressure new schemes face by reading the Too Much Water persona.

If this inspires you to think of an idea for the Geovation Challenge, find out more about what we are looking for and the other problem themes and enter your ideas on the Geovation Challenge online by 27 January 2016 (12 noon).

Ideas identified for their potential impact will be invited to a Geovation Weekend Camp from 4-6 March 2016, where you will be asked to work on transforming your idea into a prototype venture. You will also identify how to overcome problems in implementing your idea and learn to pitch your idea ‘pecha kucha’ style to the independent judging panel.  See the timetable Those selected to be invited into a 12 month funded Geovation Programme will be announced at the end of this camp.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Environment Agency, DEFRA (whose release of thousands of open data sets coincides with the Geovation Challenge), Southern Water, and United Utilities on this Geovation Challenge.

Our challenges are open to UK-based organisations and/or UK residents aged 18 or over and we encourage entrepreneurs, developers, geographers, community groups, and innovators to enter