16th March 2012

Less than 2 weeks to enter the GeoVation Neighbourhood Challenge


In the guest post below, Katie Lumley of Liftshare’s myPTP, one of our previous GeoVation Challenge winners, explains the benefits of the GeoVation Challenge process which is not just about the funding.

“We wholeheartedly recommend and encourage entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to enter the 2012 GeoVation challenge ‘How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together?’.

In 2011 liftshare were amongst 6 lucky winners awarded the opportunity to improve transport in Britain.myPTP

Since then we have been working hard to develop myPTP, an innovative web-based solution to personal travel planning, which brings all data for transport together; walk, cycle, car-share, and public transport. The development helps individuals input simple journey information and in return receive a summary of all the transport options available, including local community transport, as well as incentives to change their travel behaviours. We are currently in the user-testing phase of development and have already received positive and helpful feedback on how we can further refine and improve the tool.

The requirements of the GeoVation challenge programme forced us, first and foremost, to fully develop and think through our pitch idea before taking it to camp. We were then able to incorporate feedback from transportation expertise, members of the public, and the experienced judging panel, further building and growing our idea before we began development work. This has ensured we hold a structured approach to development and stay completely focused on the project goal; helping GeoVation Challenge-3individuals in Britain improve the way they travel.

The ongoing mentoring and research support from University partners through the Ideas in Transit project has further helped us progress our idea, as well as provide credible and comprehensive feedback research from user-testing to allow us to continue improvements.

Making our idea a reality and achieving the above would have been near impossible without the funding and  support offered from the GeoVation challenge.”

It’s not too late to enter your ideas, but hurry, the Challenge closes 28 March 2012.