28th July 2010

Listen and Learn with MaxiMap


MaxiMap has been out ‘on the road’ being tested and reviewed – read the latest update:

We’ve taken MaxiMap to many events over the last few months, talking to a very wide variety of teaching and other educational professionals.

On the whole we’ve been overwhelmed with positive responses and suggestions. One of the most often asked questions has been “can do you a World floor map with political boundaries?” Well, computer says “Yes” – or rather our wondrous cartographer Nick Rowlands says “yes” and has come up trumps again. It’s now ready to go and will run alongside the original (unpolitical) World floor map.

Learn and Listen

The pupils of the De Lucy Primary School, Abbey Wood, London were asked by head Carla Ferla to evaluate a series of lessons on the British Isles floor map…

De Lucy School

De Lucy School

“It was really useful for maths and geography. It’s soft (and not too heavy) and also comfortable. The compass direction made it all better because it teaches you your direction. It’s also brain crazy fun, you have to guess where the countries and cities are. For kids it’s interactive and they’ll find it fun just like me.”

“I really like this activity because we were being very interactive and this activity helps me improve with my maths and geography and I think every school should have this because this map makes learning interesting and fun.”

We’re taken them on as sales reps sometime soon!

Rowena Wells, MaxiMap