17th December 2010

Megacities on the Move – four scenarios for 2040


Last week week Ivana Gazibara of Forum for the Future told you about their new report Megacities on the Move and how cities must make radical changes to transport.

Megacities on the Move have also created four scenarios to help organisations plan for the future and develop sustainable mobility products and services. They paint vivid, challenging pictures of 2040 and mobility in our cities, exploring the way key trends may play out over the next 30 years. They have been brought to life in a set of animations which you can see below.

View the full report for more detail on each scenario.

Planned-opolis – In a world of fossil fuels and expensive energy, the only solution is tightly planned and controlled urban transport.

Sprawl-ville – The city is dominated by fossil fuel-powered cars. The elite still gets around, but most urban dwellers face poor transport infrastructure.

Renew-abad – The world has turned to alternative energy and high-tech, clean, well-planned transport helps everyone get around.

Communi-city – The world has turned to alternative energy, and transport is highly personalised with a huge variety of transport modes competing for road space.

What do you think of these scenarios? Does this help you to get thinking of ideas that could help improve transport in Britain?   Enter your ideas on the GeoVation Challenge and you could win a slice of £150 000 funding to help get you started.