1st July 2010

Mission:Explore London Countdown

We are now in the final days of preparing Mission:Explore London for its launch. The Workshop are getting ready to submit the iPhone app to Apple, the new website is nearly done and everything is going to be launched from the Golden Hinde (a life size model of Drake’s galleon that circumnavigated the world) on the 28th of July.
When it is officially launched Mission:Explore London will include over 1,000 risk assessed and located missions. On the app children and families can browse for missions in central London, search for those which are closest or explore anywhere. These ‘anywhere’ missions are adventures that have been designed to be completed nearly anywhere you may be, so if there are no missions nearby you still have a range of challenges to attempt. As a preview, some of these missions include:
See the wild
Photograph places where ‘the wild’ is taking over ‘civilization’.
There is a conflict when wild plants and animals invade human environments. Weeds are just one example of this fight.
Go on an urban safari
Get on a bus and go on a wildlife safari. Photograph any animals you see. They can be real, made, named or imagined…
The urban jungle is full of animals. When you are doing this mission, think about how animals are used to symbolise different things.
Cross a place68-earsc
Cross a place: walk, step, tread, pace, stride, strut, tiptoe, trip, skip, dance, leap, lumber, stamp, tramp, toddle, stagger, lurch, reel, stumble, limp, hobble, waddle, suffle shamble, dawdle…
The way we move can change how we feel about ourselves, other people and our envionment. Think about how you feel as you attempt this mission.
Antenna walk
Create an antenna hat. Walk towards things you are attracted to and away from those that repel you.
You can use your hat as an excuse to visit new places or talk to people you would not usually talk to.
Each mission also comes with tips and guidance to help stay reasonably safe. To discover more about the background of Mission:Explore listen to a recent interview about the Mission:Explore project on the GIS podcast VerySpatial (11mins).
We are currently looking for partners who are interested in ‘sponsoring’ located missions.
If this sounds of interest to you, please contact Daniel at The Geography Collective .

Daniel Raven-Ellison