2nd September 2010

Nat’s big walk – time out for a wedding!


Another update from Nat, who has taken some time out for his brother’s wedding but is now continuing with his journey:

Since my last update I have had a week off from walking – an odd experience!   I travelled home due to my brother’s wedding and it should have been an opportunity to rest but it was a tiring experience in itself.

Once I had reached Inverness I stopped the progress of my walk but took a detour to Loch Ness and back, as something to do.  I then began a 12 hour bus journey to London,  followed by a 2 hours on the train. Never again!

A week later I returned to Scotland by plane (thanks to my parents) wearing my new boots (the old pair being full of holes with no heel left at all).  The return was hard.  I had got used to having people around me and the thought of returning to a lone existence was depressing.

I am now making my way down towards Aberdeen and ultimately the border and the blisters from the new boots are healing ; there’s nothing like 25 miles a day for wearing them in!

path to st georgeAs someone who camps at least every other day, an accurate weather forecast is useful. So,  the other night, when east Scotland was promised no noteworthy weather I was surprised to be woken at 2.30am by gales and torrential rain. My tent was being thrown everywhere and the noise was deafening.

What’s worse,  in the morning, with rain assaulting my face there was still no mention of any wind or rain. I understand predicting weather is difficult but I would expect professionals to be able to assess the current weather at a moment in time more accurately than that.

Nat Severs