21st October 2015

Natural History Museum: ‘We hope people will discover new species with our open data’


In the run up to the ODI summit on 3rd November, ODI spoke to the Natural History Museum’s Data Portal Lead Architect, Ben Scott, on how their new data portal is changing the way species are viewed, recorded and discovered.


Ben was asked this…

What do you think this means for the future of museums and research?

“A digital record will never replace the awe and wonder you feel when visiting a museum, but can make a real impact on how the public engages with them. Take the Natural History Museum for example; there wouldn’t be enough space in all of South Kensington to display our 80 million specimens. But once our digitisation work is complete, anyone anywhere in the world can view every one of them.”

To see how Ben responded to a ray of great questions by the ODI including “As the number of councils, cities and countries opening up their data increases, which sector do you think stands to gain the most and why?” click to get the full article. https://theodi.org/blog/natural-history-museum


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