16th October 2015

New blog, Geovation Programme and more



You’re probably thinking “Wow! The Geovation blog has changed!” But, all of our great history of Geovation Challenges can be accessed just like before via the “Previous Geovation Challenges” tab, so head over there now if you want to have a look! In the meantime, here’s what’s been happening…

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The Geovation Programme launch

On Thursday 1st October, we opened up our doors to five start-ups run by people who all have the will to carry on as a determined, optimistic members of The Geovation Programme – well and ready to embark on the journey to develop their business. From a young entrepreneur looking to see where this journey will take her to someone with a tech-savvy machine learning background – the mixture of minds that our first accelerator programme has is definitely a solid one.

We had a whole day planned of ourselves. First off, everybody got to know one another by taking part in some “People bingo” then we had second fastest, British female runner Mara Yamauchi give a powerful talk that lifted all of our start-ups to want to succeed on the programme, refreshments and lunch and last but not least – “Hint-hunt” the five were locked into a Japanese styled living somewhere in a basement of central London for sixty minutes with nothing but a good pair of ears and eyes to complete a puzzle that would unlock their door to exit. It was extremely fun, and we’re happy to have them with us.


They’ll be based at the Geovation Hub over the next twelve months to see what they can uncover about their ideas that can help them to succeed in the future. So look out for more from us on the Geovation Programme. Could you be a worthy candidate next year? Find out here.


Did you know? 


Our brand new website is LIVE 

There’s so much more to Geovation that you haven’t seen yet. Fresh information on this years Geovation Challenge theme of water, an insight into what our five start-ups on the Geovation Programme will be working on over the next twelve months and how to get in touch.

We’ll have a new blog soon 

As a temporary move, we’l still be posting on here – but soon we’ll have a new blog! You’ll be able to pitch your ideas to us, request topics and engage with us much more on there so keep in touch for that!

We hope you enjoyed today’s read, and we’ll see you next time! Keep on #geovating.

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