5th May 2015

New educational resources from GeoCraft


A guest blog from Zoe Ross of GeoCraft, a winner of our Environment Challenge.

Things have been getting very exciting for GeoCraft over the past few months!

We have been busy creating maps and educational resources for teachers to use with their students of interesting places around the UK. We were able to launch our first free resources for key stage 2 and key stage 3 teachers on glaciated features on Mount Snowdon in February. This teaches pupils about the glaciation process before they re-building the glacier that once existed on Snowdon using Minecraft. The map and resource can be downloaded free from our website.

We’re launching our next Geography resource for our Snowdon map next. This resource teaches pupils about compasses, coordinates and grid references as through a series of activities, including building their own compass in Minecraft.

The resources can be used by teachers who have MinecraftEdu installed or the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft. Teacher, Neil Melville has been trialling some of our resources in his classroom and he talks about his experiences in this video.

We are also creating and testing resources using our maps for the new computing curriculum using the Raspberry Pi and we have been lucky enough to have been awarded further funding from the Raspberry Pi Education Fund. So, over the next few months we will be launching several other maps and resources that are currently being tested by our team of teachers and their pupils. Watch this space!