12th November 2020

Welcoming our new Head of Geovation

Claire Corlett

We are delighted to share the news that Carly Morris has joined our team as the new Head of Geovation.

Carly joined from the aviation industry where she was most recently Head of Innovation leading emerging technology trials and an accelerator programme. Prior to this she specialised in trade and working capital in financial services.

Carly has received industry recognition for her work, being named finalist in the 2020 Everywoman Transport and Logistics awards, and the TechWomen100 Awards, 2020.

Paul Cruddace, Head of Research and Innovation at Ordnance Survey says: “We are delighted Carly is joining us to lead the Geovation team. Since its inception, Geovation has firmly established itself within the British start-up and entrepreneurial community and supported the UK economy. I am looking forward to working with Carly, as we build on this and help Geovation break new territory.”

Carly says: “The UK is a global innovation powerhouse, and we are there to help the entrepreneurs of the future thrive. Geovation provides start-ups with access to one of the world’s richest and most accurate location and property data banks. The opportunities are endless. Everything happens somewhere, and if an entrepreneur’s idea involves the use of location or property information, we are going to ensure Geovation is the best place to help that idea flourish. We will evolve Geovation, so it can help find, grow and launch some of the best start-ups you haven’t heard of yet”.

Please join us in welcoming her to the Geovation community!