10th January 2014

Only five days left to submit your GeoVation Challenge ideas to encourage active lifestyles in Britain


With only five days left till the GeoVation Challenge closes for entries, your ideas have been pouring in! As with our previous GeoVation Challenges we’re looking for great ideas that address problems using geography, technology and good design. Ordnance Survey will be offering a share of £100,000 to help develop ventures that encourage active lifestyles in Britain and make best use of our data, including OS OpenData and OS OpenSpace, together with other open data.

Bright ideas stick man

Here is a further selection of the ideas submitted so far:

Woof Woof Walkies

This idea aims to help combat inactivity and loneliness by recruiting volunteer dog owners/walkers to tag their dog lead and map their regular dog walking routes. Others would then be able to see the map and non-dog owners can join the dog walkers to take up (regular) walking, opening up opportunities for making friends/regular exercise/getting outdoors.

Nature Engagement Tool

This idea addresses the barriers to activity, which can be more psychological than physical. The idea is to create a tool that helps people engage with nature, by providing them with insight into what barriers they have established and what solutions they can put in place to overcome these.

Run This Town

A mobile gaming tool aimed at encouraging physical activity. Run this Town is a smart phone application that transforms every local environment into an arena for play. To take part, players activate the app whilst beginning their run, so it can record their location. The objective is to possess as much territory as possible the space is captured by running around them. The game will use GPS with Ordnance Survey data to record the paths players take. The land captured in each run could be any size or shape.


A free resource letting anyone search and find suitable outdoor activity events within a chosen locality. Its aim is to provide a national index of all outdoor events from nature walks to triathlons. It will be free to the user and easy to navigate and search. It is aimed at helping people of all ages and abilities to achieve their physical activity goals (whether this be a bird-watching walk or an Ironman event) by discovering appropriate events that are already happening in their local parks, green spaces and beyond.

These are just a handful of the fantastic ideas we have had submitted so far to Get Britain Active.

With the closing date for ideas less than a week away (Wednesday 15 January, 12 noon) there is still time to get your ideas registered, and to add your comments/vote to other ideas.