30th September 2011

Open Data Master Classes at Ordnance Survey


This week the GeoVation team, in partnership with Horizon Digital Economy Research,  have been busy running Open Data Master chrisintro3Classes  for our colleagues here at Ordnance Survey. About seventy people attended the master classes, over 2 days,  which covered the theory, history and value of open data, as well as geo-referencing and the role of GeoVation in creating value from problem focussed challenges.  Guest speakers included Will White of Esri UK who presented on the analysis and interpretation of open data and Professor David Martin of University of Southampton on mapping population using open data.  There was also an interesting presentation on Ordnance Survey Linked Data and ‘the revolution that the web age has unleashed’. In the afternoon Samuel Leung of University of Nottingham led the practical session where participants had the opportunity to use open data to create a ‘mash up’ with map visualisation using OS OpenData or OS OpenSpace.

It was a great opportunity to see what open data is available and how it’s being used as well as getting to grips with its use.

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