7th February 2013

OS OpenSpace V4.0 released! Find out more at our OS Developer Event

Luke Hampson

For any of our blog followers that aren’t aware, Ordnance Survey offer a web mapping service called OS OpenSpace®. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to embed our maps into public websites and mobile applications, for free.

But why do developers choose OS OpenSpace above other free web mapping providers? Well, OS OpenSpace map data is based on our world famous paper map series which many are familiar with, so often, developers are choosing OS OpenSpace above alternative offerings. Feedback received from the OS OpenSpace community suggests they believe the quality of the data, particularly in rural areas, is unrivalled and this is another pull factor for many. The level of detail provided means that it is possible to create applications with detailed information on any given area, rather than providing just an overview and again, this is a point that many developers are excited by.

os compared to other mapping

The image illustrates the level of detail of OS OpenSpace in rural areas, compared to other free map providers.

We’ve just released OS OpenSpace v4.0, which supports mobile touch devices, meaning any website using OS OpenSpace can be viewed and panned on tablets and mobile devices, enhancing user experience and providing even more possibilities for web developers. The new functionality, such as kinetic mapping, enables smoother panning; and new touch screen functionality allows users of your website application to easily add markers, routes etc. using a tablet or mobile device.

We’re really pleased about the improvements and look forward to demonstrating them at the event, to get feedback and to see which additional features, functionality and enhancements our customers would like to see in the future. Attendees will also have an opportunity to have a play with some of the code, so it’s sure to be a great evening.

Even if OS OpenSpace is new to you and you simply want to learn more, attending the event will still be of great benefit to you. We have a tool (Web-Map Builder) that can do all of the hard work for those who are not used to creating code, so we’ll also cover this off too!

The event is taking place at the HUB in Westminster, London (see the map below) on the 26th February between 6pm – 9pm. So if you’re interested in coming along, click this link for further details and to book your ticket…but be quick, as places are limited.

We look forward to seeing you there!

[osmap markers=”TQ2975080430;Hub Westminster,1st floor New Zealand House,80 Haymarket,London SW1Y 4TE “]