7th February 2022

Paua Lead the Way to Simplifying Public EV Charging

Millie Smith

Problems with EV Charging

There are currently around 80 public charging networks in the UK and the number is ever-growing. However, they don’t all have effective ecosystems to optimise driver experience and have challenging payment networks for business drivers.

Are there charging points available? Will the charger fit my car? How do I get a receipt to claim my costs? These are all too common questions that electric vehicle (EV) drivers must ask when they need to recharge. They need to have multiple different apps, cards & even subscriptions just to find an EV charging point that’s right for their vehicle. There is not one place to find all the answers they need, unless you have a Tesla…

Paving the way for every automaker, Tesla created the world’s most popular EV with an entire ecosystem surrounding it. Renowned as the ‘Tesla experience’. EV drivers can charge their vehicle at a network of chargers shown on their in-vehicle display and comfortably use parking bays without any concerns. This is the ultimate EV consumer experience. Emphasising that the infrastructure for all EV charging points needs revolutionary changes to be made.


Introducing Paua

Only launched in January 2021, Paua is on a mission to streamline public EV charging. They aim to do this by aggregating all EV charging points in the UK into one platform to access all of a drivers charging needs. Simplifying the process for business drivers with an all-in-one app including network, routing, and charging information for every EV models. Effortlessly and instantly providing access to thousands of charging stations across multiple networks, all through their mobile app backed up with a convenient to use RFID card.

The Paua electric fuel card solution streamlines the purchase process and provides a single bill back to the fleet manager. Paua is currently just focusing on fleet managers and businesses, yet they want to help every EV driver easily find chargers and pay in the future. Even beyond the UK, as their solution is scalable across charging organisations within Europe.

The Government states they want charging your EV to become just as easy as getting petrol. Paua wants to make charging your EV even easier than getting petrol!


Support from OS

Joining the Accelerator Programme in October 2021, Paua were keen to connect with Ordnance Survey (OS) to not only utilise the data OS currently has available but also to collaborate closely with them to gather new data.

They’re currently working alongside OS to establish best practices in the field of EV charging. Paua and OS are collating data around EV charging point locations down to a micro level of bay and charger alignment. Hoping to provide unique geolocation data on what services are being provided around specific charging points, to further enhance consumers experiences of charging their EV. They are also exploring new use cases for their product with the OS fleet manager.


Benefits of our Accelerator Programme

Being on our Accelerator Programme has enabled Paua to refine exactly what they’re doing and explore new potential avenues. They’ve benefitted from the vast array of workshops provided throughout the Programme, especially the marketing, sales and learning to pitch workshops.

As Paua was born remotely, the founders have found it invaluable to be able to use the Geovation Hub space to spend time together in person during the early stages of their start-up.

Niall Riddell, Co-Founder CEO of Paua, said of the Accelerator Programme: “We used OS data (OS Places) to determine amenities near charge points and now we’re working with OS to unlock new data that does not exist yet. The funding is obviously great, but the programme has afforded us lots of fantastic opportunities.”

Andre Pinho, Co-Founder CTO at Paua, said: “You’re surrounded by experts that can support you in a multitude of areas. It does not even need to be technical, we had great sales and marketing support for example. It’s a programme that can support everyone and any start-up.”


Applications now Open for the Next Cohort

Inspired by Paua’s story and want to gain access to the support they’ve received throughout our Programme? This year, as well as looking for start-ups working in PropTech, we particularly want to hear from businesses using location data to create innovative and sustainable solutions in the energy and mobility industries.

Paua were on our GeoTech track of our Accelerator and certainly tick the sustainability box and work in the energy sector, hence why they’re the perfect example of start-ups we’re seeking to apply to the next cohort.

Application for the next cohort of our Accelerator Programme are now open, find out more on our Accelerator Page. Apply to the GeoTech track here or PropTech track here.