About the Challenge

Geovation runs Challenges to address specific problems with communities, which may be satisfied, in part, through the use of geography. These Challenges are open to entrepreneurs, developers, community groups, Government and individuals. The Challenge focuses on finding innovative and useful ways of using geographic information, including open data and tools, to build new ventures that will generate social, economic and environmental value.

Starting in 2009, our Challenges have focused on building local resilience within communities against real problems that need collaboration and design thinking across all sectors of the economy (public, private, civil society and individuals) to address them.

For details of our previous challenges and winners between 2009 and 2015, take a look at our Challenges booklet (PDF).

2016: Underground assets


How can we better manage underground assets in Britain?

In this Challenge we focused on the problems associated with managing our underground assets. These include knowing the accurate location of assets, planning and undertaking maintenance and reducing the impact on stakeholders; as well as predicting future use and lifecycles.

We worked with key stakeholders familiar with the issues around underground assets, and came up with four key themes:

To help you understand how these problems affect various industries, we grouped them according to industry viewpoints:

Go to our ideas platform to find out which ideas were shortlisted, the finalists and winners.

2015: Water


How can we better manage water use in Britain, sustainably?

We’re up against some big challenges in the world and a lack of fresh, clean, accessible water is one of them. Without sufficient water we face flooding, drought, poor sanitation, disease, food shortage and vulnerable communities. The impact is huge, but we know that location information can help solve the problem. This Geovation Challenge is now closed but you can still see the problems we uncovered in our problem deep dive. People with water-related expertise helped us unlock the issues behind the Challenge and we grouped these into five key themes:

For more detail on each theme, take a look at our Water Challenge deep dive output (PDF).

You can also go to our ideas platform to find out which ideas were shortlisted, the finalists and winners.



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