9th November 2012

Ready for GIS in the Cloud?

Luke Hampson

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No doubt you will have heard of ‘Cloud GIS’, but do you really know what the benefits and challenges are with its implementation?

So, if you’ve ever wondered…

• How to leverage geo-data assets across the whole of a business?
• If ‘Cloud GIS’ is right for your organisation?
• What are the opportunities with the new pattern of ‘Cloud GIS’?
• What makes a good professional Web-mapping implementation?
• What are some lessons learnt for a business-wide Web-mapping?
• How do we ensure security with organisational Web-maps?

… then you should join us at the AGI’s Web Mapping & Cloud GIS for GIS Professionals’ Seminar, to be held on Thursday 22nd November at the AGI Offices in London.

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The event provides an opportunity for you to connect with your peers as well as vendors and non-GIS Professionals. Ordnance Survey will be presenting along with other GIS/GeoData professionals from: Astun Technology, Esri UK, Bing Maps/Microsoft, Intergraph UK, and GeoEnable.

Hear real case studies of how cloud and web GIS can improve organisations, including public and private sectors. During this seminar we’ll also be examining the opportunities that professional Web-mapping and Cloud GIS platforms now bring to both GIS Professionals and non-GIS users alike.

Learn from those that have developed, implemented and managed professional business-wide professional Web-mapping applications. Hear the lessons learnt and where new opportunities lie. Listen to a case study that details how Cloud GIS implementations could engage with non-GIS professionals and how Location Intelligence, via Web-mapping, is the next big thing in Geospatial and Information Management.

Take part in a discussion about the future of Web-mapping and Cloud GIS and how this is affecting ‘traditional’ GIS activities.

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Steven Eglinon, event organiser and company Director at GeoEnable adds: “I believe having the ability to share and collaborate with Web maps in real-time, via a scalable Cloud-based Geospatial Platform is a real ‘game changer’ for the GIS/mapping industry. This is empowering GIS professionals and non-GIS professionals like never before to share geo-data and maps. We just need to ensure people don’t get left behind as these technologies are emerging very fast”

So, if you’re interested in coming along, book your place today as places are limited:

AGI Member: £69+VAT
Non Member: £195+VAT


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