28th January 2011

SBRI supports the Geovation Challenge


SBRIWe are delighted to announce that the Technology Strategy Board is further supporting the GeoVation Challenge through the use of the SBRI tool.

SBRI is the government procurement mechanism which enables public sector bodies to connect with innovative ideas and technology businesses to provide innovative solutions to specific Public Sector challenges and needs.

By reaching out to companies from different sectors including small and emerging businesses the public sector is able to solve its needs and challenges through the creation of new technical solutions. These are created through accelerated technology development, whilst reducing the risk through a phased development programme. SBRI also provides business with a transparent competitive and a reliable source of early-stage funding.

SBRI competitions are open to all companies.  The SBRI scheme is particularly suited to small and medium-sized business, as the contracts are of, relatively, small value and operate on short timescales.  Developments are 100% funded and focused on specific identified needs, increasing the chance of commercialisation. This is an excellent opportunity to fund development of a new technology.

SBRI is supporting the current GeoVation challenge: How can we improve transport in Britain?’, open until 12 noon on 11 February. Enter the GeoVation challenge for a chance to win a slice of £150 000 in innovation awards to turn your idea into reality, funded by the Ideas in Transit project. There is also up to £10 000 available for the idea that makes the best use of OS OpenData which is free to licence for both commercial and non commercial use.

The GeoVation Challenge is funded by Ordnance Survey, Technology Strategy Board, and the Ideas in Transit project, and supported by Business in the Community and the National Business Travel Network (NBTN).