6th February 2012

Spreading some sunshine in your neighbourhood


Back in November last year GeoVation awarded £1000 to The Sunshine Bank in Kent Council’s innovation competition themed: Help people help each other in their neighbourhoods.

The award was for best use of OS OpenData in their ‘Sunlighting in Kent’ prototype, which aims to help peopleindividuals and organisations connect with each other to exchange skills, resources and opportunities in their local area.

‘Sunlights’ consist of skills which people want to share while ‘Sunlacks’ will be gaps which members or groups are trying to fill. The concept will use mapping from OS OpenData to provide visual information about the locations of members and places, helping to match available skills and resources to people who need them.  Members could search the site for people in the area who want to ‘Sunlight’ or post their need to the community notice board under ‘Sunlacks’.

Since winning the award The Sunshine Bank have been busy looking for funding to take this prototype forward and have a meeting with Kent Business School to explore this.

Our new GeoVation Challenge will link closely with this theme of innovating to help people in your neighbourhood and improve local services. Watch this space as there will be more details later this week.