You live your life. We’ll look after your home.

October 2018

AskWinston founded

January 2019

Product launched & joined Geovation

April 2019

Joined the Geovation Accelerator programme

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James Harbridge

Managing Director

Kaivan Faria

Managing Director


As global cities become denser, we believe the future of living is upwards. Our mission is to set a new standard for urban living, by bringing 5-star hotel amenities to apartment buildings. Our vision is to create the platform that supports buildings of the future, where anything can be completed by simply sending us a message.


Requesting home services is painful. You must compare platforms, search pages of gig workers, and manage multiple accounts to request a service. Yet the pain doesn’t stop there, as you still need to be involved – you wait for grocery deliveries, laundry  collection, and exchange keys with cleaners or handymen. But what if you could request all services with one channel, and have a trusted team of experts complete tasks without your involvement?


AskWinston provides hotel-style amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, and grocery restocking to apartment buildings. Residents request services via WhatsApp, and they are completed by a trusted team of experts who support the building.  residents simply send us a WhatsApp, leave their keys with concierge and we take care of the rest – it’s just like living in a hotel.


By 2030, more than 60% of people will live in cities and the stock of apartment buildings is expected to double. Equally, on-demand services are growing by 35% per annum, and are becoming the de facto way of consuming services. By supporting buildings, we monetise owners and managers with a subscription per resident, take 10% of all transactions, and can effectively scale across building portfolios.


We are supporting two apartment buildings in London with a total of c. 500 addressable apartments. We have 50 residents signed up and 15 actively using one or more recurring service. Our ‘super users’ use three services on average that are  normally cleaning, laundry and groceries. We are also having pilot discussions with B2B partners to test our service in their buildings.