Mappin Technologies

Developing the future of smart-buildings.

February 2019

Company founded.

October 2019

Developed pilot wayfinding for King’s College London.


Selected for the 2020 Kings20 accelerator cohort, where Mappin won the 2020 David Walsh leadership award.

October 2020

Joined Geovation.

March 2021

Product launched.

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Giulio Coppola


Dominic Rodriguez



We believe that blending technology with physical spaces can grow the value of real estate and create unimagined visitor journeys. That’s why we are harnessing indoor positioning technology and AI-powered location data analysis for estates management. Improving user way-finding and experience, optimising space allocation and maximising safety in museums, universities, airports. We intend to be the UK leaders in the digital revolution for smart buildings.


Management of large public premises – museums, universities, airports, conference centres, etc. – is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. Visitors are unable to navigate the space and get lost, necessitating direct assistance from staff; space is not distributed in the most profitable way in the absence of exact data on footfall; maintenance issues or safety risks are reported to staff inefficiently, endangering visitor welfare.


Software package for large premises, visitors and management, combining:

  • Visitor smartphone app, offering indoor navigation support (“Google maps for indoors”) and a direct line to notify staff of risks arising in the space;
  • Location data analytics software, processing the anonymous data on user flow generated by the visitor app to inform space and staff allocation for sales, marketing, energy, and security strategies in the space.


We operate in the UK facilities management software market, valued at $3.95 billion in 2020, projected to grow to 2025 at CAGR 10.6%. We are currently targeting the higher education segment to leverage our network and experience working for King’s College London. We are launching our “Study Safe” campaign, adapting our offering to support higher education providers in the post-pandemic transition this Autumn.


Mappin began with a successful wayfinding pilot app with King’s College London, and currently negotiating a project extension. We are alumni of Kings20 Accelerator and current members of the Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry Geovation Accelerator.

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