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10 April 2019

Joined Geovation

18 June 2019

MVP launched

3 September 2019

First paying customer

October 2019

Revised targeting reduces costs of customer acquisition ten-fold

11 November 2019

Signed a success based deal with one of the biggest mortgage providers in the UK.

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Property-Markets is the Money Supermarket of property search, instantly comparing all the properties currently for sale. We have democratised the property search market by  making the tools used by large scale property developers available at the click of a button to the individual homebuyer and developer – for free. Our software transforms this  market, introducing transparency and reducing the likelihood of overpaying for a property, making it a must have for the prospective purchaser.


Property search portals are funded by estate agents, who justify their fees to homeowners through their ability to sell houses at higher prices and faster
than the competition. This process starts with the production of a subjective narrative based upon key features of a property. No attempt is made to produce comparative statistics of other properties for sale or sold historically, as this would compromise their position with other clients.


Property-Markets breaks down comparative data, such a price per sq ft, within each property, be it for sale or sold, and allows the end user to search and
compare the market based upon impartial quantitative criteria. We crunch the numbers so they don’t have to and this new transparency allows developers and homebuyers alike the essential opportunity to better evaluate prospective purchases.


Facebook and Google adverts bring people to the site and through enforcing registration to use key features we create a revolving database of potential
property purchasers. The Finance and FMCG sectors each spend in excess of £1bn each year on digital advertising – and they are specifically interested in
our motivated user base which allows us to easily monetise through database sales, affiliate marketing and digital adverts.


The end to end business model has been tested using an agile software development methodology coupled with live A/B testing to determine the most
favorable user response to different adverts, features, images and messages. Our marketing currently yields a 133% return, although we still have an extensive variety of different ideas and options to explore to increase this further.