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Find out how you could win innovation funding

We are currently running the ‘ How can we help British Business improve environmentaHow can we hlep British Business improve environmental performance? Geovation Imagel performance?’ GeoVation Challenge calling for your innovative ideas to help create a better place.   The best ideas can win a slice of £100,000 in innovation funding to get their ideas off the ground.

If you’re thinking of entering you may like to know more about the GeoVation Challenge process.  What is the basis of the challenge and what happened before we launched it?  What happens after you submit your ideas and how are the best ideas chosen?

In our video below, we explain the GeoVation process and the steps to becoming a winner of innovation funding from GeoVation.

Find out about what happens at a Powwow and how we launch the GeoVation Challenge.

Hear from our shortlisted ideas about collaboration and what they gain from attending a GeoVation Camp.

Find out about the ‘Innovation = Problem x Solution x Execution’ formula.


Hacking for greener business

Photo of participants Env Hack Last weekend (16 -17 March) we were busy supporting the env[:hack] organised by Environment Agency and Geeks of London. The event, held at the University of Bristol attracted over 50 software and hardware developers to look at the problems associated with environmental responsibility and create some cool and innovative demos showcasing how technology can help us all be more green.

The weekend kicked off with presentations from Environment Agency which highlighted some of the barriers to business in improving environmental performance, and how this can be turned to opportunities – such as re-use of waste?  There were also examples of good practice.

This was followed by a presentation from GeoVation where participants learnt about the current GeoVation Challenge ‘How can we help British business improve environmental performance?’ in which successful ideas can win a slice of £100,000 to help make their idea a reality.


You can help to make business greener

We’ve just announced our GeoVation Challenge calling for ideas that on ‘How can we help British  improve environmental performance?’.  As with previous GeoVation Challenge’s we’ve used our established Pow WowPhoto of Environment PowWow group thinking to uncover the problems associated with the challenge  and help you get your thinking caps on for ideas to help make business greener.

A group of 10 people with expertise in environmental problems engaged in a workshop where we asked:

“What are the barriers to businesses easily improving their environmental performance?”
“What are the barriers to environmental performance easily improving businesses bank balances?”

They came up with 51 problems which were grouped into themes ranging from business priorities and how to turn duty to opportunity, awareness, knowledge and communication and organisational behaviour and culture.


Read the latest news in OS Innovation

We’ve just sent out our spring issue of OS  Innovation packed with lots of exciting news for the GeoVation and developer community. The newsletter is also available online.

Innovation newsletter image Spring 2013

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Also, you can find out about the OS OpenData competition which you still have time  to enter,  the new lifecycle of OS OpenSpace and take a look at the recently published GeoVation book!

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Innovative ideas to create a better place?

Yesterday we announced our new GeoVation Challenge ‘ How can we help British Business improve environmental How can we hlep British Business improve environmental performance? Geovation Imageperformance?’ calling for your innovative ideas to help create a better place.   Today we have a guest post from Anthony Parsons, Business Innovation Manager at Environment Agency which will help explain some of the problems and why we are running this challenge:

The Environment Agency works with businesses and others to protect the environment and create a better place. This is why I, and most people, work for the Environment Agency, have a passion for protecting people and the environment and doing the right thing.

Achieving both economic growth and protection of the natural environment is not always easy. And it will not happen without both effective regulation of the impact business has on the environment, and a commitment from businesses themselves to act as responsible neighbours and good corporate citizens.

Reassuringly, the performance record of businesses in England and Wales shows they increasingly recognise there is a value and opportunity in this broader sense of responsibility. Our Sustainable Business report 2011 shows that the vast majority of regulated businesses have a good record on environmental performance and take their environmental responsibilities seriously.


Hacking for a better place

Are you interested in a fun weekend learning about the data provided by the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey and creating some cool demos that showcase how technology can help us all be more green and environmentally responsible?

If so, register here for env[:hack], a Hack Day being organised by the Environment Agency with help from Geeks of London and GeoVation.  The event will be held on 16-17 March 2013 at the University of Bristol and aims to bring together around 80 software and hardware developers, Environment Agency experts and interesting data.

Image and link to Hacking for a better place

A Hack Day is a free-to-attend, intense weekend of learning, sharing and building new cool software and hardware projects. In the case of env[:hack] the theme is the environment and environmental responsibility.  Hacking for a better place. You are welcome to register as a hacker or as an observer. Whether you are an expert or novice, developer or designer, join us to explore the APIs provided by the Environment Agency.

The event will open Saturday 10:30am-10pm and Sunday 9am-5pm. See schedule.  We will have a solution for the overnight for any hackers coming from outside of Bristol. Register your requirement and details will follow.

 Find out more and register