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Improving environmental performance in British business?

We are delighted to launch our new GeoVation Challenge ‘How can we help British business improve environmental performance? ’How can we hlep British Business improve environmental performance? Geovation Image

Following the successful format of the previous challenges we are calling for innovative ideas to help businesses remove barriers to easily improving their environmental performance.

How can we help business see the value in their waste?

How can communities and businesses work together, irrespective of geography and social demographic?

How do we make environmental performance a more attractive proposition for investment and innovation?

Using GeoVation’s established Powwow methodology to uncover the problems associated with meeting the challenge, we’ve identified a list of problems which form the basis for the challenge.

As with previous GeoVation Challenges we are looking for great ideas that address the identified problems using geography, technology and design. Ordnance Survey will be offering a slice of £100,000 in development funding for best use of our data, including OS OpenData and OS OpenSpace, together with other open data.