9th June 2015

Take another look at Open Data viewer


Originally posted by Mike on the Ordnance Survey blog.

When we talk about our range of OS Open Data products, it’s sometimes hard to visualise them from a set of words or descriptions and understand what these products can do for you. Maps and data are by their nature visual things that you have to see to appreciate them. An easy way to this is to visit the OS Open Data viewer site, showing a selection of our national datasets that can be zoomed and searched as you move around the map.


Recently we’ve made some changes to the viewer experience, so that as you zoom into a lower layer of the map, the specific OS OpenData product you are looking at is named below the image. You can click through if you want to learn more about the product or even order or download of the data, for use in a Geographic Information System.


As well as finding your way to your destination of choice, maps are useful to collaborate by sharing where you are or where you want others to be. By selecting a location on the viewer, (either by postcode search or by using the map controls) you can share that place with others. The share tab gives you web url you can quickly paste into an email or add to a post in a social media channel.

If you are going to a meeting and want to share the location, or wanted to add a link on your website to a particular place, set the open data map to this location and the viewer now lets you do this at the press of a button.


For those with a developer mind-set, you can also bring an open data map into your own web-site by using the ‘embed’ tab to generate the code to do this. You will also need to register for an API key to complete the process – the site also gives you a link to do this, so you can add it into your final web site code so others can see the value of OS OpenData on your web site.