26th July 2010

The GeoVation Challenge – you could win a slice of £25 000


Our first GeoVation Challenge of 2010-11, with the theme of ‘How can Britain feed itself?’ where geography could play a vital role in helping connect people to farming and locally produced and sustainable sources of food, is now getting going.  Among the ideas posted is Local farmers to sell ur produce 4 u!!!,  a website which allows you to network with the farmers in your area and offer them your produce for them to sell at auction/in a farm shop on your behalf.

Other ideas are a Produce swap website, where allotmenteers can swap produce with others and  Urban Rooftop Allotments – to serve as spaces for community allotments with a web mapping application to allow the public to determine which rooftops may be suitable.

What do you think of these ideas and have you got ideas of your own?  We really want to hear from you and,  by entering, you could win a share of the £25 000 prize fund to help make your idea a reality. Just visit the challenge website to register and post your idea. Even if you haven’t got an idea, by registering you can comment on and rate ideas that have been posted.  Closing date is 3 September (12 noon).