22nd September 2015

The three day user experience at the Hub



Ordnance Survey’s team of creative developers went to the Geovation Hub in London with the bright intention to help two of the Hub’s members accelerate their user experience from top to bottom. They spent three days at the Hub working alongside one another as well as Richard and Tim, the founders of AR Carbon and The Land App to create specific types of designs for their businesses App requirements. Richard Page, founder of AR Carbon and expert in soil fertility management, won the GeoVation environment challenge back in 2013 and since has been developing his business at the Geovation Hub with intention to revolutionise the quality of soil fertility for farmers across the UK. You can take a look at Richard’s website now on http://www.arcarbon.co.uk/

Tim Hipkin, founder of The Land App, veteran and curious farmer was brought up on a farm where he discovered that there must be a way to make farming life easier. It’s been a traditional process for hundreds of years, which has grown to cost farmers their crops and money. But Tim believes it can change for the better with all the technological advancements around us, enabling us to do bigger and better things with our lives. So Tim soon put two and two together and started to work on using data to develop an App that allows farmers to see their land all in once place, allocate certain types of crops for each plot and track how much they are spending or losing in hope for a much better, stress-free farming experience.

Julie Buck-Rogers, one of OS’s creative designers who came to help both of the members said: “I enjoyed being able to use my design skills for a different industry and audience. My preconceived ideas about farmers were completely blown out of the water, as I hadn’t considered how hi-tech farming can be.” Richard Page, founder of AR Carbon, said: “The end product was a fabulously designed and constructed map that we at AR Carbon are delighted with.”


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