16th September 2014

Today’s GeoVation Housing Challenge workshop


If you missed our GeoVation Housing Challenge launch event yesterday, today there is the opportunity to join us in our free Housing Challenge workshop at the Building Center, London.

The free workshop starts at 2 pm – 5 pm. You will get to hear from expert speakers about the problems that fall into our Challenge themes, we will be looking for innovative ideas that address these problems using Ordnance Survey and Land Registry  data, products or services, technology and good design.

GeoVation, Land Registry and Ordnance Survey Logos

Chris Parker, Head of GeoVation, Ordnance Survey will give a brief introduction to GeoVation and the theme of our Challenge this year ‘How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?’ he will then introduce our three speakers for the Workshop:

David Waterhouse – Head of Strategy for Cabe at the Design Council

Alastair Parvin – Co Founder of the WikiHouse

Jim Vine – Director of Innovation HACT

Each of our speakers will give a 15-minute presentation with a brief Q&A session after.


Alastair ParvinAlastair Parvin Co-Founder, WikiHouse

As a society we’ve never needed design thinking more,” says Alastair Parvin, but most people — particularly those in cities of growing density and poverty — can’t afford it.

Parvin, who was trained in architecture but chooses to make a career looking for ideas beyond its conventional framework, wants to change that. He is one of a team behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction set that allows anyone to freely share model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, “printed” via CNC cutting machine and easily assembled. Parvin calls WikiHouse a very early experiment, the seed of what he sees as design’s great project in the 21st century: the democratization of production.


david waterhouseDavid Waterhouse MRTPI MPlan AoU FRSA

David is a chartered town planner and is Head of Strategy for Cabe at the Design Council. David leads on identifying new business, policy development and influencing Government and cities across the urban design, planning and regeneration agendas.

Prior to joining the Design Council Cabe, he was Associate Director and Head of Local Government at JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs with specialist knowledge on local and national government, the localism agenda and Whitehall.

He spent 4 years as Head of Planning and Renewal in the Housing and Growth Directorate at the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) where he was responsible for the Housing Market Renewal and Growth Point Programmes across England. He also advised on the Eco Town programme and authored the Government Planning Policy Statement on Eco Towns.

He is a Trustee of the Town and Country Planning Summer School; a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer to Planning Aid for London, an Academician at the Academy of Urbanism and on the Policy Council of the Town and Country Planning Association.


Jim VIneJim Vine, Director of Innovation, HACT

Jim Vine is the Director of Innovation and Business Development at HACT, the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust. HACT is a small national charity that that works as a social enterprise to help housing providers deliver for their tenants and communities.

Jim plays a leading role in a number of HACT’s tech-focused programmes including:

Jim has worked in housing for over a decade. Prior to joining HACT he led the UK Housing Policy and Practice research team at BSHF. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, holds an MA in Housing Policy and Practice and an Executive MBA from Cranfield University.

GeoVation with Land registry are offering £101,000 in funding to the best ventures that address the problems of long term housing issues that we’ve identified, using our established Problem Pow Wow methodology, in four key themes:

During the workshop we will be addressing these problems and looking at finding solutions in a variety of particle ways…

To enter our GeoVation Challenge visit the GeoVation page where you can find out more about GeoVation and previous challenges