Transforming neighbourhoods shortlisted ideas announced

Transforming Neighbourhoods image We were delighted at the quality and scope of the ideas of how you could transform your neighbourhoods, using Ordnance Survey products or services in the solution. A short-list of ideas (below) has now been chosen by the GeoVation judging panel and teams have been invited to develop their ideas at GeoVation Camp, 18 – 20 May, at Ordnance Survey  in Southampton.

  • Show and Grow To use OS Street View and OpenStreetMap data in an online web mapping application which allows people in the local community (elderly, busy families, young couples) to volunteer garden space (by tagging the location of the space to the online map) for growing fruit and vegetables for the community.
  • Charting the Coldspot An idea to reinvigorate empty and underutilised shop and built environment assets within Peterborough City Centre Conservation area’s high street.
  • The Place Station Introducing owners of land and buildings across the UK to social and community entrepreneurs with ideas for transforming their local area.
  • BikeSafe App: ending local bike theft with community engagement  An app to reduce and clear up bike theft using an our existing database, based on police data, police contacts and smartphone capabilities.
  • My Neighbourhood – Live A web page that displays local geo-tagged content, aggregated from around the web that is tailored to the users location.
  • Sustaination – food enterprise mapping & communication Network food enterprises to more effectively work together, and promote themselves to their communities. Open-data platform helps citizens map food-webs, highlighting opportunities for innovation, engagement, and re-localisation.
  • Hate Crime Reporting App A smartphone app to help individuals gather evidence and submit reports of alleged hate crime to local police and local community support organisations.
  • Schools in Transition: Mapping Local Communities Addressing the challenges of diminishing cheap energy and climate change by creating local solutions and more resilient, connected communities.
  • SkillxShare – creating a generation of job makers Enabling people to find others locally who share their interests and can work together on specific projects to gain income is the future
  • Community Transport Share Develop community transport in rural area using lift sharing and other available vehicles, particularly where there is a lack of established community transport.
  • Wandelwelt: co-creating a vision for future neighbourhoods Identifying and mapping specific challenges within communities and co-creating solutions with communities we will help ensure successful neighbourhoods now and for future generations
  • Where next Pilot the use of community maps to facilitate person-centred planning with vulnerable, older and isolated people as a way to enable them to engage and integrate into their local community.
  • Community Animation Mapping Strengths and Assets Idea is to meet 600 people from identified neighbourhoods and unearth the latent strengths, skills and talents of local people and  map these digitally using detailed Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Community Payback Visibility Members of the public will nominate locations for Community Payback work and track their progress using a smartphone App
  • Safe Areas The Safe Areas web portal will provide a community focused website which will allow users to view, explore and contribute data relating to road safety.
  • Block Wars – Improving Neighbourhoods Through Youth This concept develops a GIS based game where children compete and co-operate locally in order to play, whilst exploring their area.
  • Residents’ Green Space Mapper Test innovative approaches/tools to support local people to survey and assess their green spaces.
  • Re-cycling reminders An App reminder using GPS to remind you what bins are being recycled that week.
  • Community Map Power  Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation working  with Countryscape to develop a tool kit and training package that will enable groups to use maps to innovate, communicate and strengthen their work.
  • Come To Your Senses: Mapping & Sharing a Sense of Place To run an online prototype website to test how we can display the data we collect during public mapping pop-up events that we organise.


Congratulations to those who have been short-listed and thanks to all who have registered, posted ideas, voted and commented.

Whether you were short-listed or not, if you’ve got experience or knowledge that could help the ideas develop then come along and be part of it, by registering for a place at GeoVation Camp from 18 -20 May. The most exciting ideas will be chosen to go forward to pitch for a slice of £115,000 in innovation funding at the GeoVation Showcase at Ordnance Survey on 20 June.

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