Geovation Room Booking

Geovation’s meeting rooms and event space listed below are not for general working or hot desking, and therefore require booking ahead of use under the following guidelines.

Quiet Rooms

Brass; Furlong; Acre.

These rooms are intended for small meetings & confidential phone calls.

Booking contact – Nexudus Booking System

Booking capacity – Up to 4 people

Booking duration – Max. 1 hour

Booking fee – None

Booking confirmation – Outlook Calendar Invite


Meeting Rooms and Event Space

Booking contact – Isabel Ulitzsch

Booking capacity – 4+ people

Booking duration – Min. 1 hour for Meeting Rooms. Min. Half Day for Event Space.

Booking fee – From £50/hour. Inquire with Isabel for pricing.

Booking confirmation – Outlook Calendar Invite with confirmed cost and setup included.


Meeting Rooms

Hillary; Tenzing; Shingareva.

These are intended for presentations, workshops & external meetings.


Event Space

The Quadrant

This is intended for Events only, unless stated otherwise.


Retreat Room

Marie Tharp

This is intended for private retreat purposes primarily, eg. Prayer, relaxation or personal down time.

Booking contact – Outlook Calendar Invite


Please note:

  • If a calendar invitation is not received, the booking is not confirmed.
  • Rooms are chargeable if members wish to secure the room for a set date and time – members may use the rooms FOC last minute on the day, if available and approved by Events Manager or Geovation team member. However, if not booked they have no rights to remain in the room and can be asked to leave by Geovation staff.
  • Accelerator start-ups can book meeting spaces free of charge during their 12-month Programme period, subject to availability and feasibility.